Eco Moon Cycle

On my journey to a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, I finally tackled the issue of the wastage produced when dealing with my monthly moon cycle. A shocking 12,000 disposable menstrual products are used by the average woman in her lifetime. Each menstrual product take around 500-800 years to break down in the environment. Considering … More Eco Moon Cycle

An Ode to Earth

One day late, but every day should be Earth day. We do not live in isolation from our surroundings. We co-exist with everything on this wondrous Earth. The beauty in nature is unmatched. Its variations of existence are staggering and perfectly imperfect, just like humans ourselves. Although modern society has caused many to lose their … More An Ode to Earth

Plant-based Milks: Which is Best for You and the Planet?

How far the world of plant-based milks has come in the last few years! Instead of limited options, those who opt to avoid dairy have a plethora of possible choices to indulge in. Each one of us will have our own personal favourite, or maybe you have a few – such as loving almond milk … More Plant-based Milks: Which is Best for You and the Planet?

Why go vegan?

There are a multitude of reasons why you may decide to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle – whether as a means of living your values, reducing the vast destruction to our environment, alleviating animal suffering or improving your health and wellbeing. Whatever your motivator, or whether you’re on the fence, the following reasons … More Why go vegan?